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1. Introduction:

Welcome to Time Luxury Services Inc., a premier private Black Car Service in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) lists the terms of the agreement between you (“Customer”) and Time Luxury Services Inc. for purchasing airport and point-to-point private sedan, SUV, or stretch limousine transportation, and all other services that we provide. By completing a reservation on www.timeluxuryservices.com, with our office staff or our mobile application, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement and to become a registered traveler of Time Luxury Services Inc. We are not a for-hire Taxi Service. These terms have been designed to safeguard our business ethics and to help us maintain an efficient and professional service for our clients. Transportation Network Company.

Some of our services like Graduations, Weddings or special events require our clients to fill out a bonding contract whereas the customer is considered a “Booking Agent”. A Booking Agent arranges and submits the required deposit for a third party and may or may not be in attendance upon service. In the Case of a Booking Agent Reservation, the Booking Agent is responsible for the cost of damages or surcharges that may incur. Proof of signature and credit card deposit is required as with all reservations.

We trade in Canadian Dollars (CDN) only. Rental of Sedans, SUV, Limousines and or other vehicles from TIME LUXURY SERVICES INC. are subject to the following terms and conditions:

2. Service Descriptions:

We offer a range of transportation service options, including round-trip service, a one-way service, a continual hire service, hourly service, per kilometer and a variety of membership services. Services are either on-demand with minimum 30 minutes notice or reserved in advance. Reservations are made via the Time Luxury Services Inc reservation phone number (403) 800-3023, Time Luxury App or pre-booked online at timeluxuryservices.com.


A customer that has opted for a continual hire agreement or a predetermined block of hourly services, may have service or vehicle precedence over an on-demand customer another customer that has reserved our services or a specific vehicle. Time Luxury Services Inc. will endeavor to provide the vehicle requested by you. In the unlikely event that we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to provide a substitute vehicle of similar type and capacity. The customer will be informed of change at Time Luxury Services earliest convenience, prior to picking up or upon arrival.

Airport Drop Offs / Pickups:

Full flight details help us to give you punctual service. We will make reasonable attempts to monitor incoming flight times; however, we are unable to access reliable information until shortly before departure or scheduled arrival times. If your flight is delayed, either outbound or inbound the customer should contact TLS immediately to adjust reservation time and allow TLS an attempt to accommodate. In the case of a delayed flight, TLS may be unable to provide service or required vehicles due to another reservation, the customer will be responsible for any surcharge or cancellation charge that may occur.  We will endeavor to accommodate delayed flights times, but cannot be held liable should circumstances prevent us from being able to respond to changes. In the event that we are not reasonably notified of delays, we reserve the right to make additional surcharges for TLS’ inconvenience.

Upon airport pick-up, Drivers will be located at Departures Gate 1 above arrivals for Domestic flights and Departures Gate 15 for International flights. If customer desires to be picked up at another location such as Arrivals terminal or an Arrivals Gate they must notify TLS in advance or contact the driver directly preferably prior to arrival. If a customer would like a driver to be located at the Arrivals Terminal, the customer is subject to additional surcharges for parking fees, or wait times.

Grace Periods:

Time Luxury Services Inc. strives to arrive at all pickup points in advance of the times agreed. There may be causes that may from occasionally prevent us from meeting the agreed upon time. These delays can be caused by inclement weather, road construction, traffic, accidents, vehicle malfunction, driver error, and other like events outside TLS control. Reasonably, therefore, we have allocated a grace period 15 (fifteen) minutes, unless otherwise stated below. In any event, a grace period is invoked in whole or in part, the customer will not begin being charged until the arrival of TLS.

Operation Hours & After Hours Reservations

Reservations between 9:29 pm – 6:29 am Are only accommodated via pre-booking, On-demand service is not available.

  • 15-minute complimentary wait on all residential & office pick-ups from TLS reserved arrival time
  • 20-minute complimentary wait on all domestic arrivals from TLS reserved arrival time
  • 30-minute complimentary wait on all international arrivals from TLS reserved arrival time

Additional Wait & Extra Stops Policy

Additional wait time is billed in 10-minute increments at $5.00 per 10 minutes.

Additional stops are billed $5.00 - $10.00 per stop depending on membership or service provided. Additional rates may be applied on off-route or out-of-the-way stops in relations to the final destination.

3. Price:

The price to be paid for TLS services will be agreed upon between Time Luxury Services Inc. and the Customer. TLS reserves the right to add additional surcharges based on additional services or damages the customer may incur. Any surcharges added or alteration to the price, including additional cost caused by damage, will be notified to the customer before or at the time of TLS submission of receipt or invoice to the customer. The customer has the right to inquire about additional charges via email or phone in which an investigation by TLS will be conducted. TLS reserves the right to the final decision of charges deducted or added to final invoice.

Chauffeur gratuities are not included in the quoted or final price. Customarily, 15% gratuities are to be offered directly to the chauffeur. The driver gratuity is discretionary. Clients can choose to give gratuity directly to the driver in the car at the time of the service or it can be arranged to be charged to the credit card provided during the reservation.

Our rates do not factor in all fees associated with the service including tolls, parking, and airport fees that may incur. All bookings require a credit card on file and a determined pre-authorized payment will be held of the quoted or estimated invoice unless the customer is enrolled in a membership program. All service charges are applied to the credit card provided at the time of the booking and a payment receipt will be emailed automatically the next business day.

Additional Surcharges:

Surcharges are additional fees added to the total invoice amount based on additional services provided at any time prior to, during, and after the service. Examples; On-hold/waiting, providing product for special requests, cleaning fees, additional stops, and pet handling.

On-hold surcharges begin immediately after the end of grace period stated prior in the service description. Payment of all surcharges must be settled at the time of invoicing. The customer agrees to provide another credit card for payment id the addition of the surcharged result in the card of file being declines, a 24 hour grace period may be provided.


Unless otherwise specified, all reservations require a major credit card or the enrolment of a membership. Reservations are finalized upon the pre-authorization of an estimated cost of the services to be provided by TLS and charged to the credit card provided. At the time of the customers' completion of submitting their Credit card information, or the submission of a signed contract/agreement or enrollment in a membership program, the customer has agreed to TLS Terms and conditions.

All bookings are confirmed by pre-authorized payment in advance. A cancellation fee of 25% of the total estimated price will be charged in the event that the customer cancels their ride or is not at the prearranged pick up locations. For customers enrolled in a Time Luxury Services Inc. membership program, one round-trip will be deducted from the customer's contracted total.  By completing a reservation with a pre-authorized payment the customer has agreed to a contract to hold the vehicle. A total of 25% of the total price is non-refundable, since many of TLS vehicles may be booked weeks in advance.

The balance for Time Luxury Services Inc. memberships is due in full upon agreement to purchase the membership. TLS reserves the right to apply discounts to the membership pricing structure at any time. Depending on the specific terms of each membership agreement a monthly or bi-monthly payment withdrawn from the credit card on file One or Two calendar month(s) after initial agreement and continue as such until termination by Time Luxury Services Inc. or the customer.

We do not accept cheques, debit cards (with the exception of Visa Debit), or foreign currency as final payment or membership payment unless agreed in advance at TLS discretion. Settlement of the agreed price in advance by cheque or electronic transfer must allow adequate time for funds to be cleared before the date of reservation.

If payment is declined at the time of invoicing, the customer agrees to provide another credit card for payment immediately, a 24 hour grace period may be provided at the discretion of TLS. If the customer cannot pay at the time of invoicing a one time $25 fee will be added to the final Invoice and an additional 5% of total per day until the amount is paid in full.

4. Cancellations:

Cancelling a Reservation

Should the customer cancel a reservation a 25% charge of the pre-authorized deposit paid will be charged. Therefore 25% of the pre-authorized amount is non-refundable. Where reservations are canceled with less than 4  hours notice the full agreed price becomes due and processed. In the event of cancellation between the booking date 4 hours, prior to pick up time of the date of travel 25% of the total agreed price is due and will be charged to the credit card on file. To cancel a reservation please call TLS directly.

By The Hour, Airport Reservations and other Services

(refer to previous statements in payment section)

No Shows & Driver Onsite Cancellations

Subject to the full-service fee plus any applicable wait time charges. TLS reserves the right to determine the reservation as canceled if the customer fails to appear at the pickup location, or is unreachable at the time of arrival.

Cancellation By Us

We reserve the right to cancel the contract or reservation between TLS and the customer if:

a) the client doesn't accept our terms and conditions and/or refuses to make a deposit payment and/or the deposit fail to clear,

b) we do not operate in your area, or

c) one or more of the vehicles reserved are no longer able to cover your reservation due to situations beyond our control. [EXAMPLES]

In the case that TLS cancels reservation resulting in situations beyond our control, TLS will notify the customer by e-mail or phone and may repay payment deducted from the account back to the associated credit card as soon as possible, or within a maximum of 30 days of the reservation date. TLS will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation to the customer.

5. Additional Policies:

Lost Property:

We are not responsible for articles lost, stolen, damaged, or left in our vehicles. You expressly waive any and all notice from Time Luxury Services Inc. regarding any lost, stolen, damaged or belongings left in our vehicles, or the disposal of same. Please check for your belongings before leaving the vehicle.


In the unlikely event of a breakdown or the car being rendered unserviceable (for example, in the event of a collision) we will use our best endeavors to provide a backup vehicle or vehicles as quickly as possible. However, we cannot be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of a vehicle breakdown or similar unavailability. (disclaimer that the drivers are contracted and we are not liable in the case of an accident caused by a Time Luxury Services Inc. contracted driver. In the event that a contracted Time Luxury Services Inc. driver is involved in a motor vehicle accident, and the passengers in the car sustain any injuries, Time Luxury Services Inc. will not be held liable for their injuries or any consequential losses incurred.

At-Risk Locations:

Note: Due to the length of the stretch limousines, access into some suburban streets, apartment buildings, and rural communities may be restricted and pickup/drop-offs at front door may not be achievable. We reserve the right not to proceed where proceeding may place the vehicle and/or its patrons in an unsafe situation.

6. Compliance:

Time Luxury Services Inc. will strictly enforce Provincial and Federal Laws and will maintain a zero tolerance compliance policy that no alcoholic beverages can be consumed or used by any person, not of legal (18) drinking age. No person shall bring contraband or illegal substances aboard vehicles that are owned or operated by Time Luxury Services Inc.

Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol Consumption Policy:

We are a non-smoking organization, regular stops will be made for smokers upon request and are subjected to charges. Time Luxury Services Inc. are committed to ZERO tolerance on Drugs & Alcohol abuse.

7. Liability:


Damages, subsequent costs of repairs of such damage to TLS vehicles used by the customer and/or their guests howsoever caused is the customer’s responsibility. Additionally, in the event that a person is sick or soils in the vehicle TLS we will charge $150.00 - $300.00, depending on the severity, to return the vehicle back to operational conditions. The customer here agrees that the amount will be charged to the card provided previously for payment of any and all cost resulted by damages caused by the customer.



  • $500.00 minimum per damaged seat
  • $200.00 minimum per damaged carpet
  • $500.00 minimum per damaged mirror
  • $150.00 minimum for extensive cleanup (spills, etc.)
  • $50.00 for a gum in the carpet clean up
  • $250.00 minimum shampoo and disinfecting (due to sickness-interior)
  • $150.00 detailing and wax (due to sickness-exterior)
  • $500.00 minimum for each burn hole, rip or tear to upholstery
  • $250.00 minimum for each act of vandalism
  • $400.00 minimum for damage to a TV or viewing screen
  • $250.00 per incident of smoking inside of the vehicle, the ride will be terminated after the second incident. (Smoking will not be tolerated) By-law Regulated Fine
  • $500.00 minimum opening a vehicle door into another vehicle or stationary object (it is advised to allow your chauffeur to open your door).

It is important to remember that inciting others to cause damage to the vehicle will result in charges for the damages that occur.

Yelling insults at pedestrians from the vehicle, or throwing objects out the vehicle will not be tolerated and any damage caused by the customer will be their responsibility.

This is not an exclusive list; any and all damages caused to the vehicle or its surroundings and or including loss of revenues for downtime during repairs can and will be charged to the credit card used to reserve the service. If Customer refuses to pay the associated costs Time Luxury Services Inc. reserves the right to file suit in a Provincial court in the effort to recover the lost revenue and/or cost of damages.

8. Guarantees:

Time Luxury Services Inc. cannot guarantee the availability of extended time that may be required by the customer on hourly rentals. It is of particular importance that the customer makes allowances for anticipated delays and adheres to the agreed timeline. In the event that the customer wants to adjust the itinerary, they may do so, only if Time Luxury Services Inc. can accommodate. The customer further agrees to pay additional charges that may be incurred for extending the predetermined timeline. The Customer authorizes Time Luxury Services Inc. to charge any additional charges or fees on the purchaser’s credit card on file or direct bill account.

Time Luxury Services Inc. guarantees that all our vehicles are constantly checked to maintain the highest possible standards. Time Luxury Services Inc. agrees to send the requested vehicle as offered in the contract. We have the right to upgrade the vehicles or switch the vehicles in case of emergency breakdown or if vehicles were in accidents. As stated, this will only happen in case of emergencies. No additional charges will occur on the customer side if an upgrade is made without customer request. If switching occurs in the same category, or upgrades are made, it will not affect the contract and/or payment of the contract. The customer, therefore, accepts that replacement vehicle may be substituted if a contracted vehicle becomes unavailable for any reason. If any of our above guarantees or contracted terms cannot be met due to conditions outside of our control, including weather, accidents, storms and any other circumstance, including, but not limited to, traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, flight delays, etc., we will make every reasonable effort to notify the customer of these conditions and resulting delays or changes.

9. Complaints Procedure:

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint concerning a reservation through Time Luxury Services Inc., you can:

a.) Email us. We will acknowledge receipt of your email within 5 working days.

b.) Call Time Luxury Services Inc. at (587) 206-3080

c). Write to Time Luxury Services Inc. Our service manager at Time Luxury Services Inc. will personally deal with your complaint. You will be kept informed during all stages of the complaints procedure.

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