Work On The Go With Our Calgary Town Car Service

Calgary Town Car Service

Our vehicles' comfortable, private interiors and complimentary WiFi make working on the go easier and more seamless than ever before. When you can brief with teammates in a distraction-free environment before a meeting, or edit a presentation on the fly, you'll never settle for listening to podcasts again.

Want To Take Back Your Time?

How many times have you imagined what you would do with just one or two more free hours in a day? Working during your commute is one of the most straightforward ways to free up additional time.

29% of Calgarians have a commute that takes 30-45 minutes. While we’re one of the least congested large cities in Canada, that fact is little comfort to anyone who's been stuck on Deerfoot during rush hour. Additionally, due to its large geographical spread, Calgary and surrounding areas can be even more difficult to navigate to someone visiting the city.

There are numerous ways to utilize a commute, whether you’re driving, taking transit, biking or walking. For example, many productivity experts have noted that you can read or check your email on the bus or train, and listen to audiobooks on almost any form of commute.

Calgary Transportation Options: Can You Really Work While Commuting?

We would argue that while this can definitely allow you to add value to your commute, and is a great way to make use of your time, it doesn’t take certain kinds work off of your plate. This is because for things such as important or private phone calls and concentration-heavy work require a distraction-free and stable atmosphere, which you definitely don’t get when you’re concentrating on driving; crowded into a train or bus; or giving directions to a taxi driver.

The Benefits of A Calgary Limousine and Town Car Service

Your Workspace Away From The Office

If you’re looking for a convenient and comfortable way to truly get work done on the go, personalized corporate transportation options like our town car service can be helpful. While town car and limousine services can often be dismissed as a luxury but not a necessity, they serve a very real and useful purpose for the busy or travelling professional.

This is because a town car service fleet offers:

  • Vehicles with spacious and comfortable interiors
  • A quiet, private atmosphere
  • Discreet and knowledgeable drivers
  • NEW: Complimentary WiFi in all vehicles

Since our drivers are highly trained, there is no need to be concerned about watching the road or giving directions. We also take distractions off your plate with our dedicated concierge services. Whether you require a hotel or restaurant reservation or any other recommendations or assistance, our dedicated team can complete the task for you.

Finally, our Calgary town car service can reduce the amount of stress in your commute. Our team is punctual and reliable, and provides both scheduled and on-demand town car and concierge service. This allows you to focus on your work rather than trying to find different options or deal with the details that come with being late.

Ready To Take Back Your Commuting Time?

If you’re ready to try something different, get in touch with our professional team by phone at 403-800-3023 or through our online contact form.

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