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You may have heard that special event transportation packages can help cut down on the stress of planning transportation to and from a variety of venues, homes, airports, and hotels...while adding style and elegance to your event. Want to learn more? Check out these four frequently asked questions. 

Top 4 Wedding Transportation Questions Answered!

Our team is not only dedicated to providing excellent special event transportation in the Calgary area, but to make our clients’ lives more comfortable and less stressful. In that spirit, one of our posts for the month focuses on frequently asked questions about wedding limo service our Calgary clients often have.

How Far Ahead Should I Book My Transportation?

Transportation is a key part of your wedding planning, and shouldn’t be left to the last minute. You should consider booking your transportation approximately five months out, and you should allow yourself time to explore all of your options prior to that cut-off. This means that around six to seven months before your wedding, it’s a good idea to draw up a shortlist of different wedding transportation options. Most companies are happy to show you their range of vehicles, as well as take you for a test drive in one of their vehicles.

How Do I Choose A Special Event Transportation Company?

Your choice should be based on several key factors. Price is important, but it isn’t everything. You should also take into account the type and quality of vehicles offered; how well detailed and maintained the vehicles are; the drivers’ level of training and experience; as well as how professional the drivers are.

How Do I Know What Vehicle To Book? Do We Need To Book A Limo?

When it comes to what vehicles to book, your special event transportation company of choice should be able to offer you key recommendations based on your wedding plans.

You may want to consider:

  • The size of your wedding party or the number of key guests you’d like to be transported. Don’t forget to take into account the fact that formal gowns, trains, veils, and bouquets can be delicate and take up a lot of space: so don’t hesitate to allow yourself extra legroom instead of packing each vehicle to capacity.
  • The style of your wedding: is your decor and theme modern, vintage, glamourous, or classic? Your transportation company can recommend vehicle models that fit with your theme of choice.

Finally, you don’t need to book a limo! While it’s a classic, a well-rounded special event transportation company has a wide variety of other options, like luxury sedans, SUVs, or sports cars! You could also choose one car for your trip to the wedding venue, and then the bride or groom’s favourite luxury or sports car for the trip from the reception to the airport.

Should I Book Transportation For My Wedding Party Guests and Family Members As Well?

There are several reasons why providing your wedding party or family members with transportation to the wedding is a great idea.

It Keeps Your Event Running Smoothly

First of all, while hiring a reliable and reputable wedding limo rental to take you to and from your wedding might save you time, leaving your key guests or wedding party members to book their own transportation separately, take cabs, or car pool can result in delays, confusion, or stress. If you are all being transported by the same company, you can be sure that your entire party will arrive on time. Plus, all of Time Luxury’s drivers are trained as concierges, meaning that they can take care of things like restaurant and hotel reservations and similar tasks, leaving you and the other wedding VIPs to enjoy the special day.

It Allows You To Celebrate Responsibly

When you’re not worried about things like transportation for out-of-town-guests, carpooling, or of course, getting behind the wheel, your guests are free to relax and enjoy the event.

It’s Cost-Effective

When you divide the cost by the number of individuals taking the car, the cost of a trip with Time Luxury is often not far from what you’d pay for a cab. When you factor in the fact that there is no wait time, that your wedding party will be assisted by professional and courteous drivers, and that you and your guests will be travelling in comfort and luxury, it becomes apparent that a special event transportation package is the way to go. 

Contact Our Calgary Special Event Transportation Team Today

Time Luxury can help with all of your wedding transportation needs in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

In addition to classic wedding limo rentals, we offer:

  • Transportation to and from the wedding transportation unit
  • Calgary Airport Transportation and hotel shuttle service for out-of-town guests
  • Door-to-door pickup and drop-off
  • Route planning
  • Airport/honeymoon transportation for the bride and groom

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