Luxury Transportation Services: The Best Corporate Travel Option

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There are many ways to travel around a city like Calgary. For anyone seeking a transportation option that combines efficiency with unparalleled comfort and convenience, there is only one clear option: a luxury travel and town car service, which offers the ultimate experience in luxury travel.

No matter which car you choose from a professional luxury transportation service, they can be certain that:

  • The driver has been personally vetted and highly trained
  • Your trip will be safe and comfortable
  • You will be picked up punctually and arrive on time

Other characteristics that make luxury transportation services ideal for corporate transportation include:

  • The variety offered by the town car service's diverse fleet
  • Professional customer service
  • The professional impression that this type of transportation service conveys to clients and associates

In addition to this, a professional transportation and town car service provides second-to-none customer service and can save companies both time and money. 

Luxury Transportation: A Selection of Vehicles For Every Occasion 

With a fleet comprised of luxury sedans, town cars, as well as SUV options, a transportation service can provide you with the right vehicle for for any occasion or purpose, such as:

  • Picking up a client or VIP at the airport
  • Providing transportation to an event
  • Transporting a group of employees to an event

Because of the variety of a transportation service’s fleet, executives or corporate travellers can:

With a luxury town car service, corporate travellers can:

  • Choose the model of car that best suits their needs, or consult a professional for advice on the best choice
  • Have one town car company as their go-to tranportation service for all events, which eliminates the hassle of vetting and booking from different companies

Regardless of what vehicle corporate travellers choose, working with a town car service guarantees that they will always receive the same high calibre of customer care and professionality.


Save Time and Money While Creating A Professional Impression

Because using a professional transportation service is highly safe and comfortable, it allows corporate travellers complete peace of mind. When you're not concerned about navigating the city yourself or providing directions to a less experienced drivers, you are able to recharge or use the time to catch up on work.

Have Important Guests Coming Into Town?

Enlisting a town car service to pick up important clients or VIPs at the airport to bring them to their hotel or business meeting is a simple and affordable service helps you make a great impression on any client, special guest, or customer. 

Additionally, it will:

  • Save you from having to send an employee to provide the necessary transportation
  • Help you convey a professional, quality image
  • Provide a sense of comfort and security for your clients

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TimeLuxury is a ground transportation service dedicated to providing safe, comfortable transportation and unmatched customer service to executive and corporate travellers. To learn more about our team or our fleet, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 403-800-3023.

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