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There are a wide variety of transportation options available in Calgary, ranging from standard taxi services to modern rideshare companies. How should you choose the correct one?

Many companies tout their superiority in one specific area, such as fantastic value or a unique feature. However, we believe that the best Calgary corporate travel options should stand out from the crowd based on multiple criteria. No one should have to sacrifice safety for a good price, or comfort for punctuality. We built Time Luxury with this in mind.

We believe that the best transportation service providers should:

  • Be safe and reliable
  • Provide an amazing customer experience
  • Allow you to travel in style
  • Add value, rather than stress, to your commute
  • Arrive on time and get you to your destination safely...every time

Our drivers are extensively trained and have a strong knowledge of Calgary’s traffic patterns and geography. Additionally, our organized dispatch system keeps everything running smoothly. This means that whether you need to be at the airport before a flight or want to arrive at an event early, you can be sure you’ll arrive on time. Without the hassle and uncertainty that comes with an unreliable transportation service or driver, you’re free to relax and enjoy your commute.

You can book your ride:

  • In advance
  • On-demand

Airport Transportation


Second-to-None Customer Care

Inconsistent customer care can be one of the worst things to encounter when working with a transportation company of any kind. One day, you might have a highly personable driver with a great knowledge of the city, only to have a completely different experience after booking with the same service a second time.

At Time Luxury, all of our staff are:

  • Highly knowledgeable
  • Personable
  • Trained as personal concierges

This ensures your commute will go smoothly every single time.

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Travel In Style: Choose Your Vehicle

Time Luxury has a vehicle for every occasion. Want to make an eye-catching entrance in a bold, luxurious limo? Our Lincoln Krystal Stretch is the perfect vehicle for you and your guests. Do you appreciate the elegant and classic appearance of a sedan? Try the Mercedes S550. Seeking the ideal combination of power and space? Our Lincoln Navigator might be the vehicle for you.

Our fleet has an option for any preference and occasion, and we work hard to ensure that our passengers arrive in style, no matter what their taste.

Additionally, no matter which vehicle you choose, you will be able to enjoy:

  • The comfort of a private, luxurious, and meticulously detailed interior
  • Complimentary water bottles
  • Complimentary WiFi, allowing you to work on the go

Our Fleet

The Best Corporate Travel Companies Add Value and Cut Stress

Luxury Concierge Service

Whether you’re on your way to an event, an airport, or a meeting, sometimes unexpected things can crop up. We make it easy to manage these occurrences on the go.

For example:

  • Do you need a reservation or appointment rescheduled because a meeting ran late?
  • Would you like to call ahead to your hotel to confirm your booking?

Our team members can take care of these issues as they arise, ensuring that you are able to enjoy your commute in peace.

On-Demand and Corporate Travel Options

With Time Luxury, you don’t have to worry about price surges that arbitrarily change the fare. This means that whether you’re going to a sought-after event on a busy night, or a midday lunch, you can be sure that you’ll be paying the same rate no matter what.

To make payment options more convenient, you can:

  • Purchase corporate transportation packages
  • Pay for trips on an on-demand basis

Luxury Concierge Service

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If you’re ready to try a bold and luxurious transportation option that allows you to experience the very best in corporate travel, give our team a call or book your ride today. You can reach our Calgary office at 403-800-3023 or fill out our online contact form.

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