3 Tips For Traveling Out-of-Town During Christmas

Time Luxury Services Calgary 3 Tips For Traveling Out-of-Town During Christmas

Are you planning a Christmas vacation? Ensure your trip is free of any mishaps with these 3 simple travel tips.

The holidays are one of the busiest travel seasons in Canada, as people set off across the country to be home for the holidays, or embark on exciting end-of-year adventures. Despite the excitement, vacations during Christmas come with certain challenges, including:

  • Congestion and crowds
  • High air fares
  • General seasonal stress
  • Notorious traffic

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Whether you are looking for an airport car service or on the ground transportation in your destination city, Time Luxury can make your Calgary vacation an enjoyable, seamless and memorable experience.

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3 Travel Tips For Your Christmas Vacation

Traveling during the holidays doesn’t have to turn you into the Grinch! With a little planning and the right attitude, you can survive any crowded airport or travel delay that the season brings your way.

Follow these 3 travel tips for a stress-free travel experience:

1. Book Smartly

It may sound obvious, but starting to book early is the best way to get the flights you want for less, especially during the in-demand holiday season, where there is little flexibility in terms of dates.

When booking your tickets, remember to:

  • Do your research to find the best deals.
  • Follow airlines and travel deal sites and sign up for their newsletters so if there is a good deal, you’ll be the first to know about it.
  • Be flexible with your dates as it might be cheaper to fly a few days earlier/later or into a different airport than the one you were planning.
  • Keep phone numbers handy, so you can call the airline, hotel or other travel vendors in case of an emergency.
Don’t Forget to Book Your On the Ground Transportation!

Whether its an airport pick-up/drop-off or a limo service to get you to that special holiday event in your destination city, don’t forget to book your executive car service early for the best deals.


2. Pack Early

When you are planning a trip, especially during Christmas, the thought of packing can be overwhelming, but don’t let that scare you off! When you pack early, you can organize your belongings efficiently to reduce any travel stress.

When packing, remember to:

  • Stick to a carry on bag if you can, as this will save you some valuable time at the airport.
  • Wear your heavier clothing to save space in your suitcase/duffel bag.
  • Pack a snack to get you through any layovers, delays and the flight. It’s typically cheaper than buying food at the airport.
  • Bring earphones or earplugs to drown out some of the noise that inevitably comes with holiday travel.
  • Bring a travel pillow so you can be more comfortable in-flight and in the airport in case of any delays or cancellations.
  • Bring non-digital entertainment. Travel delays are common during the holiday season, so apart from your laptop or smartphone, bring along books, a sudoku puzzle or deck of cards to keep you entertained.


3. Book a Car Service in Your Destination Country

Traveling to an unfamiliar city comes with certain challenges, especially during the holiday season. Booking an on the ground transportation service can have many benefits by removing the stress of:

  • Hailing taxis and rideshares
  • Navigating the city
  • Fighting busy traffic and congested streets
  • Finding parking

Traveling to Calgary?

Whether you require a car pick up service at the airport or a limousine for a Christmas/New Years Party, Time Luxury has you covered!


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